Success Can Be Yours!

I learned that I can have consistent sales doing a variety of things. We can work our business differently, but achieve the same goal. I have also learned I don't need to be all things to all people, but concentrate on connecting with those I do serve. My next BIG goal is to earn the cruise so I can visit Florence again. LOVE that city. – M.C.


Thanks Usborne Books & More for all you do to challenge us to be successful. I can hardly wait for Convention this year. My husband is attending for the first time, I have five years with Usborne this year and will be recognized. I have met my Connect 4 Challenge, and I am working toward Team Leader. – J.S.


Randall, I owe you a huge Thank You! You launched an amazing incentive 4 months ago and a fire was lit under me to earn an iPad (didn't know what it was, but I wanted it!). It turns out that the real prize was the confidence and amazing knowledge that I gained while earning my bonus! I went from never trying to recruit to sharing this opportunity with everyone, from doing a few shows here and there to being in the top 50 for consultants every month this year and finally to promoting to Team Leader with the help of my team and my own amazing leader... I'm sitting down tonight to create my very first vision board. You have shown me the power of goal setting... this is going to be an AMAZING journey! I can't wait to shake your hand (and maybe even give you a huge hug) at convention! – J.M.


This "job" makes me so happy sometimes! Just processed the order for my latest book fair. All the free books earned through were donated to a local Food Pantry so they could set up a reading area for all the many children that accompany their parents to the pantry to collect food. A total of 48 brand new books will be donated. I am SO proud of this!!!!  - A.H.


7 years ago I joined an amazing company because I needed $$$, I believed in the power of reading and I wanted to be home full time with my kids. I am so grateful for all the blessings I have received because of that decision--read-aholic kids, amazing trips, incredible friends and most of all the opportunity to spend every possible minute with my family not at a J.O.B. Thank you Randall White and Usborne Books & More!! – B.K.


One of my favorite parts of this business is helping others reach their goals. – R.S.


Getting started right away was key for my success. With the support and encouragement I received, I promoted to Supervisor, earned a place in the President’s Club and earned a fabulous trip to Aruba within my first five months! I can’t wait to experience more success in the future. – K.M.


Our books and our business opportunity are wonderful memory makers for families.  My job allows me to help people choose meaningful and educational books for the kids in their life.  There is no other product more necessary for children than books, and there are no better books than Usborne and Kane Miller! – K.H.


The flexible hours allow me to stay home with my family and to work beside my other activities. – J.H.


I am motivated by the possibilities of this business.  I like to see if I can do more this month this last month or more this year than last.  I am motivated by the fact that I might get a phone call or an email with a new recruit, a sale or a book fair.  I love it that what I do affects my income and that I have some control over my monthly check.  I love it that I’m building a business that can give financial security to my retirement years. I love that there is a correlation between what I do and the money I earn. I am motivated by the possibilities. – S.R.


I have experienced some incredible "mom moments” as I watched our children’s faces when they saw whales and bald eagles in their habitat in Alaska, extraordinary sea life when snorkelling at Hunama Bay in Hawaii, their toes get covered with the Caribbean sand and waves, Mickey Mouse as he greeted them at Disney World, the layers of the magnificent rain forest they have often studied.  I don’t know where this business will take us over the next few years, but I know from experience that the incentives are well worth working toward. – N.W.


I feel blessed by the opportunity I have received, which has brought many new friends and the pleasure and satisfaction of sharing my love of books and impacting families in a positive way. I expect my amazing story of success with Usborne Books & More to continue! – M.T.

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